Ready for Takeoff !

Dear Artist, Dear Art lover, Dear Reader, International correspondence is of all times and well-known worldwide. On the occasion of the Kathmandu Triennale, which is Nepal’s premier
platform for global contemporary art, we have invited artists to
participate in a correspondence experiment. The idea is to put people, who cannot participate live at the Kathmandu
Triennale, in contact with participants (artists, visitors, curators,

journalists, …). The aim of this initiative is to link people from all over the world with one another. The experiment will be as follows. First, 24 artists will give a small
letter, work, drawing, video, DVD, note, … to Philip Marquebreuck who
will bring the items to the Kathmandu Triennale. But before doing so, all items will be registered, scanned or photographed and as such will
‘messages’. Once in Kathmandu, the initiators will look for candidates to exchange
the messages (artworks) with. To do so, the help of local artists and
curator Philippe Van Cauteren will be most useful. The candidates who
agree to accept an artwork, will have to answer at short notice (before
the end
of the Triennale). The new artworks will be photographed or scanned and Philip Marquebreuck will then deliver the return-‘post’ to the participating artist. The
photos and scans will be used for a publication which will relate the
result of the production and the travel experience of Correspondence
International. As we are all from this world and as the world belongs to everyone, this new relationship may lead to some great experiences. Let’s hope so and may this experiment bring people from all countries

Ready fo Take


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